Introducing Marketo as a Service

Expert Marketo Campaign Execution for 25% Less is Just Your Appetizer

You may have seen our blogs and posts on the gap we see for organizations deploying Marketo (and all Marketing Automation platforms).

Marketo is powerful technology. It slices, it dices, it makes warm bread in 20 minutes. What it doesn’t do is run by itself. You must feed it. It’s this need to feed that leads us launch a new offering today, Marketo as a Service (MaaS).

Marketo as a Service is designed to help you get the most out of the platform and your investment. Every. Single. Day.

Demand Spring’s Marketo specialists apply best practices in executing your day-to-day email, event, engagement, and default programs. The means continuous A/B testing to help optimize your engagement efforts. Monthly analytics reviews give you insight into program performance.

You get campaign execution to augment or fully outsource running the platform — at a fraction of the price of in-house resources. MaaS costs roughly 25% less than fully loaded internal resources. You get best practice deployment and the ability to move marketing dollars toward content and outreach for engagement and pipeline.

Marketo as a Service Packages

Marketo as a Service Packages

Beyond the Core

You get more than campaign execution with MaaS. Our team of Revenue Marketing Strategists and Content Marketers provide everything you need to drive results.

Augment your MaaS with any of these options:

    • Campaign Strategy: Our Revenue Marketing Strategists will help you design a program that drives engagement and results. We will tune it to your buyer personas and the stage in the client lifecycle you are targeting. From metrics and objectives to messaging and content selection, we will deliver a campaign strategy that moves the needle.
    • Content Development: Content is the oxygen that Marketo needs. Our Content Marketers will develop everything from email and landing page copy to offers such as animated videos, interactive content, ebooks and infographics. Check out our content portfolio.
    • Database Governance: Good data governance is as rare as finding someone who admitted to liking Culture Club in the 80’s (dating myself here). Our MarTech specialists will ensure ongoing clean, enriched, deduplicated data throughout your Marketo instance.

Why Marketo as a Service?

Quite simply the demand is there. We have been doing Marketo implementations, migrations from other platforms, and optimizations for more than five years. In the past year, many of our clients have asked us for help in running it post-deployment.

A lack of skilled Marketo resources is part of the challenge. Great Marketo resources are hard to find, expensive, and hard to keep. More organizations have decided to choose an always-on resource that they can rely on.

For others, it’s the opportunity to leverage best practices that we bring from lessons learned across our client base.

Marketo as a Service gives CMOs, Marketing Ops, Digital, and Demand Gen leaders the opportunity to breathe easier, stand taller, and sleep better.

New, but not really

While the MaaS packaging has that new-car smell, the service has been available for quite some time. Organizations such as Vidyard, Carbonite, and BNY Mellon are among our many clients who leverage this service from us already.

“The team at Demand Spring has been an excellent Marketo service provider for us. They have been instrumental in setting up our revenue cycle model and executing Marketo programs for part of our business in a timely and professional matter.”

– Biju Muduli, Senior Director, Marketing at Carbonite.

Learn More

To dive deeper into how MaaS can help you, check out our new website and ebook on The site will not deliver warm bread to you, but it can show you how to get more out of Marketo for less.

Download Your Marketo as a Service eBook Now

  • Get more out of Marketo without learning Marketo
  • Scope your Marketo as a Service package to suit your needs
  • Save 25% on campaign execution and augment it as needed

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The post #3 Easy Tips to Get More out of Marketo appeared first on Demand Spring.

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