Best B2B Marketing Lessons 2017

January 9, 2018 Ryan Laushway

Wow, 2017 was quite a year!

Does this mean we are officially done with Despisito by Justin Bieber now? I think we can all agree that along with dabbing that won’t be missed.

Betty White Dabbing

Betty White Dab

Let’s face it a lot of stuff happened in 2017, but we are going to be focusing only on the best B2B marketing lessons we witnessed in 2017, unlike the Youtube Rewind video in this blog post. (which you should watch)

We’ll highlight some of the more memorable digital marketing trends we’ve documented, witnessed and executed on in 2017. From more personalized video, ABM Plans, and a whole lot of marketing automation, we hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as we did writing them!

  1. Using humour in B2B video? It’s funny how that works.

    How do brands use humour to connect with their audience to create a positive experience with their brand? Witness some of Brendan McCrann’s favourite examples of using Humour in B2B marketing videos.

    Using humor in B2B video

    Laugh a little with this humour filled blog post!

  2. Why You Need Data Governance in Your Marketing Automation Platform

    Learn why data governance is crucial to your Marketing Automation Platform, and the role it plays in your marketing efforts. Micheline Farah shares how data governance can ensure that you are sharing your message with the right people, not sending to duplicate records and are receiving accurate reporting, thus saving you money.

    data governance and marketing automationRead the data governance blog now!

  3. The Science behind of Storytelling: What the Significant Object project teaches us about Marketing Communications

    Mark Emond shares how storytelling impacts our brains and how marketers are using this knowledge to make their stories the most effective they can be. Find out more on how storytelling engages audiences on an emotional level and amplifies value to consumers.

    The Science of Storytelling

    This pink horse was purchased by Walker and Glenn for $1. Kate Bernheimer wrote a story about it and it resold for $104.50.

    Read the blog!

  4. Lead Nurturing: Are you following the 3x3x3 Rule?

    Gone are the days of batch and blast programs throughout the funnel. Now marketers are filling the funnel through inbound engagement and driving conversion with lead nurturing. Mark explains how to select the right target audience, which program to use and which channel to utilize to engage in your nurture efforts.

    lead nurturing

    Building an effective lead nurture strategy: the 3 x 3 x 3 rule.

    Read the blog!

  5. Getting started with ABM using Core Marketo

    Micheline shares how to get started with ABM Core Marketo in 4 easy steps. Find out the 4 easy steps that you will need to get started: segmentation, lead scoring, create a shared program and SHARE!

    Read the ABM starter blog!

  6. Stranger Views: Thoughts on B2B Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

    How marketers should be leveraging holiday campaigns to evoke emotions and nostalgia in their audiences. Mark highlights an excellent of example a clever and entertaining campaign. Watch Vidyards campaign “Stranger Views” to see it in action.

    B2B Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

    B2B Seasonal Marketing Campaigns

    Read the seasonally aligned blog!

  7. The Most Awesome Project

    We developed a compelling long-form video for Akamai using storytelling and professional video production. In it Nelson, the Global Director, Media Industry and Campaign Marketing, for Akamai interviews industry experts, about gaming culture, the art and science of games, and gaming infrastructure.

    Watch the Most Awesome Game!

  8. Day in the life of a Marketing Operations Manager

    Kris Jarvis is a Marketo Certified Expert and a veteran marketing operations manager, and so she highlights what a day in her and many others lives is like. Follow the fast-paced, exhilarating adventure that they go through on a daily basis and come out with more appreciation and respect for these super talented individuals.

    A day in the life of a marketing operations manager

Step into their shoes!

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