Showcasing Our Expertise at B2B Sales and Marketing Exchange in Boston

July 31, 2023 Nicole Baker

Demand Spring is pleased to be part of the 2023 B2B Sales & Marketing Exchange (B2BSMX), taking place August 9-11 at Encore Boston Harbor. Organized by DemandGen Report, B2BSMX focuses on ABM, revenue marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement, and gives attendees the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of how sales and marketing teams have coordinated and collaborated to better engage target accounts and provided relevant and high-value experiences at each stage of the buying cycle.

Unlock the value of a Customer Data Platform

On Monday, August 8, before the official conference kickoff on Tuesday, attendees have the chance to attend a number of focused workshop sessions that will provide a hands-on, deeper dive into specific topic areas. Demand Spring’s Derek Boshkov and Allison Snow will be hosting the workshop from 9:30am to 12:00pm entitled, “Design Your Buying Process To Unlock AI-Driven Insights From a Customer Data Platform”.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to formulate a winning full-funnel strategy that leverages customer data and next-generation AI by exploring:

  • The use case for Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) — what they are and what they are not;
  • The types of companies that are early adopters of CDPs, with examples of successes and missteps;
  • Organizational readiness, buy-in, and strategic positioning;
  • The architecture, skills, and applications that underpin CDP success;
  • What to do about your data (because we know it’s not perfect); and
  • Assessing and mitigating risks specific to your industry and organization.


And most importantly, participants will leave the session with their very own requirements document for their Customer Data Platform – developed with the assistance of our Demand Spring experts!

Value of customer marketing + customer experience

Then on Tuesday, August 9 at 3:15pm, Allison Snow, VP Strategy and Chief Analyst with Demand Spring, will be hosting a session entitled, “Customer Marketing & C/X: The Hot New B2B Revenue Love Story.” As marketers respond to economic conditions, and retention becomes more and more important to the long-term health of the business, customer marketing and customer experience working together is key. In this session, Allison will dive into:

  • How your growth is more predictable when you can retain and grow your existing customers;
  • How the future of B2B buying is a manifesto for customer advocacy;
  • Why protecting your existing revenue base is essential to the long-term health of your business; and
  • How a new post-sale ecosystem is critical to responding to the buying techniques of modern B2B consumers.


For more information on these sessions, have a look at the conference agenda on the B2BSMX website.

Are you attending B2BSMX? We would love to meet with you! Click here to set up a meeting.

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