Part 3: 2024 B2B Marketing Trends

December 8, 2023 Maria Hortua & Stephanie Black

Welcome back to B2B Marketing Trends for 2024! In Part 3, we’ll explore practical content strategies and Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Learn about interactive content tactics like user-generated content, polls, and customer journeys in the evolving 2024 marketing and sales landscape. Get a sneak peek into the advancing ABM strategies with intent data, hyper-personalization, and AI. Don’t forget to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to stay updated on the latest trends in 2024.

Boosting Engagement with Interactive Content Strategies
In 2024, focusing on interactive content, including user-generated content, polls, and customer journeys, will be crucial. Similar to storytelling in marketing videos, this approach is going to be more and more effective next year.

To keep audiences engaged, especially with the current emphasis on customer success, it’s challenging to rely on lengthy articles or blog posts to spur engagement.

Customer success is all the rage right now and keeping audiences engaged with long-form articles or lengthy blog posts have proven to be challenging.

Infographics, GIFs, videos, clickable maps, charts, and other visual aids should be integrated throughout content to offer a fresh perspective and maintain attention. User-generated content through polls can guide customers to relevant content, making them feel involved in the decisions shaping their journey.

Interactive content serves as a valuable tool for tracking marketing initiatives, providing instant feedback and flagging customer interests. It can significantly boost conversion rates and overall engagement by offering unique experiences that make audiences feel more connected to and involved with your company.

According to Forrester’s prediction for 2024, 75% of buying teams will comprise individuals aged 25 to 44. Recognizing the interests of this younger demographic and meeting their need for personalization and human touch is going to be crucial. Interactive content ensures they receive the right content at the right time by allowing them to influence the content they consume.

Key Strategies in Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has proven successful in boosting conversion rates for B2B marketers. According to a study by RollWorks, 61% of companies highlight the key benefit of ABM as an increase in pipeline opportunities and quality.


  • The Power of Intent Data:
    ABM is all about targeting specific accounts, but it’s crucial to identify the right ones, with a mix of forward-thinking sales logic, and marketing intelligence. Utilizing intent data helps narrow down engaged accounts by detecting digital body language across online sources. This allows us to focus on accounts actively seeking product information or pricing pages, increasing the likelihood of conversion when beginning outreach. Intent data also helps monitor the satisfaction of current clients and identifies the risk for attrition, aiding in flagging customer churn.


  • Keep Up Hyper-Personalization:
    Beyond standard personalization, ABM takes it a step further. Understanding an account’s goals, and pain points, will enable you to deliver business-relevant content at the right time. Bringing back the human touch involves knowing your audience thoroughly to provide accurate, relevant and timely information.


  • AI Integration:
    AI functionality can support ABM efforts by analyzing extensive data sets, providing actionable insights or recommendations, and optimizing resource allocation. AI also enhances conversational marketing, integrating with chatbots and virtual assistants for instant, and detailed responses, ensuring a smoother, more personalized customer journey at scale.


  • Merge Sales and Marketing Efforts:
    Alignment between marketing and sales is vital to a successful business. The higher level of personalization that buyers in 2024 are looking for requires Sales and Marketing to work in lockstep. Cross-departmental meetings that hold both teams accountable from the same dashboard will be increasingly important to maintain alignment. This fosters better understanding of each team’s impact on goals and facilitates shared ownership, since both teams have visibility on all areas of customer engagementThis alignment and removal of internal barriers to the customer journey and experience is sure to contribute to revenue growth and success. Remember, “ABM is about the overlap, not the handoff”, says Senior Director of SDR from Rollworks.


The B2B marketing trends for 2024 offer exciting opportunities for engagement and growth. Click here to connect with us and ensure you stay ahead in this competitive market today. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, don’t forget to check out those blogs for further insights.


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