A little bit of Drift, a little bit of that

September 19, 2022 Tami Olubiyi

Think about this situation…a particular individual comes crawling on your website that has the characteristics your CRO salivates, and has dreamed about doing business with for the last couple of years. That so-called “dream customer” or ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) ends up being served the same generic form each and every buyer gets, giving them an absolutely linear and monotonous experience. As if that isn’t bad enough, this sought after customer is left in your sales funnel for weeks due to the poor resourcing which we often see in our B2B industry.

This is what has become of the B2B space, serving individuals the same food and expecting different results. The popular quote says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.” The B2C experiences are ever before us and weaved into our daily activities, but we continue to neglect that we are dealing with real people and not “numbers” or “tickets.” In the new age of consumerism, every business that expects revenue gains and successes needs a model that puts their customer experience first! 

This is where the conversation of Conversational Marketing comes in. 

Conversational Marketing creates instant and personalized customer and buyer engagement. This concept accelerates business revenue by removing friction from the customer experience. Most consumers demand for an immediate response to their questions as opposed to having to navigate through your website and find the answers themselves, or fill out a contact form. Conversational marketing allows these consumers to engage in real time with your site without requiring a human to monitor the conversations. 

Here are a few ways Drift can create a blueprint for success:

  • The overall experience a chatbot gives is key as to whether a customer would continue the conversation or immediately tag it as the usual run-of-the-mill type chatbot. Text has the tendency to be monotonous at times but a dynamic chatbot that utilizes AI and machine learning delivers a more engaging experience for customers that seems more real.


  • As with any form of communication, some people prefer email, some the good old-fashioned phone call, but Drift has shown that people also prefer text-based conversations. With Drift you can set up the appropriate paths for your customers to submit a request, without leading them to a traditional “contact us” form. You can also book a meeting directly onto an SDR’s (Sales Development Representative) calendar.  In today’s world, your website visitors are looking for a fast turnaround. Drift can match that urgency.


  • Chatbots are able to respond to customer inquiries at all times without costing extra, like it would in the case of a human. Considering the 24/7 capabilities of a chatbot, it can answer customer questions instantly without forwarding them to your sales or customer success team. This inadvertently enables your team to save time and use it where valuable. The customer success team can focus on more complex issues while sales can deal with more qualified leads that may fit the ICP. 


  • Drift is built to work well with tools that you may currently have in use and can be easily layered on top of what you may currently have. Salesloft, 6sense, Marketo and Salesforce are a few of the many platforms that can be integrated alongside Drift. The platform doesn’t have a rip and replace approach but rather gives you the freedom to enrich your tech stack…as the saying goes, “a little bit of Drift, a little bit of that.”


These are merely a few points as to how Drift can transform your customer experience. If you’re considering a revamp of your current technology stack, our certified Drift consultants will walk you through Drift’s full capabilities.

Learn how our Drift certified consultants could be of help! 

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